The Barber Shop springs into Summer

We are changing things up.   A new look.  A new name.  A new owner.

We want to bring you classic couture.

We'd love to know what you think.  What matters to you?  

This is a place for all the family.  We include women, men and children - (sadly no pets- although we love 'em we don't specialise in 'em).  Style and Colour is for all and it is our speciality.   Our people are knoweable in all the latest collections to suit all complexions and personalities.

So why change?  Although many of us are a little reluctant to change things, change is good and necessary.  

Like the seasons we want you to feel inspired and be beautiful, and you will able to face the world with what ever it throws your way.  

Life is a journey and CY hair is getting ready to step it up.

We are keen to meet new people.  Let us energize your style giving you what you need.

Come and let us inspire you.